Welcome to Geek By Default

New site, new platform, same geek dude.
For those that have been following me through other social streams or even my previous blog hosted on Google, You are familiar with the kind of content you can expect from this site. We primarily focus on technology, infosec, gaming culture and ... why not? travel.
Although I will keep using my social accounts to share information on a regular basis, I would like to use this channel to share technology trends as well as infosecurity news in depth.
While social services such as twitter are extremely useful to read news at a glance, sometimes you need to go through a particular reading that may need your entire attention and that kind of platforms do not provide that abstraction level.
That's why I've choosed Ghost, not only because has a clean, simple and beatiful design, but also performs great on desktop as well as mobile devices, plus the site is entirely mobile-responsive
As we move forward I would like to add some additional features like webcasts through my Youtube Channel and infosecurity seminars. More to come on this area.
I hope that you find this new site helpful and that we can continue sharing OpenSource, InfoSec and Technology news and ideas.



Twitter: @al34n1x